Blessings of the Year 2014

The Christmas Holidays are already upon us, and it doesn't seem like that long ago I was posting of what I was hoping the Lord would do.  What a blessing to look back on this year and give glory to God what he has done! 

Tangible Blessings of the Year

The biggest tangible blessing of the year no doubt is our Miracle Truck. God has been so good in providing it for us and there are many many days that my wife and I just look at each other then look at the truck and just shake our heads. God gave it to us through an individual who chooses to remain anonymous, and we are just so thankful for them. 

Also we are so thankful for so many anonymous gifts this year alone. These gifts make up a percentage of our yearly income, we are just overwhelmed and blessed. You know you are, and the Lord does to!! 

Intangible Blessing of the Year

If anyone had ever asked us on the road, "Brother, is there anything we can pray with you and your family about??" Undoubtedly our response would be the same, we would love to have another child. We have earnestly sought the Lord about this and our response has been "in His timing" Earlier this year, we found that we were expecting, to later find out that my wife had miscarried. But we praise the Lord for His grace and timing because my wife is doing well and we are expecting another on June 15th 2015. 

Spiritual Blessing of the Year 

To see dozens come the Lord in salvation in revival services, camps, VBS's and various avenues. This year I do not have record of how many salvation decisions were made but we rejoice anyhow. We know at one point someone was getting saved approximately 1 every 3 days but not sure what the final exact total was. God knows and thats all that matters.

Favorite Memory of the Year

Has to come from my Facebook Post on June 13th which reads...

the "amazingness" continues...blessed to have a father and mother in tears and come and let me know that their son had just got saved last night!! ‪#‎AMEN‬ along with 2 other teens that we're saved that day!! Also to see teenagers at an altar last night audibly weeping over the souls of lost family and friends!! ‪#‎HALLELUJAH‬ ‪#‎CampCoBeAc‬

Favorite Jasmine Statement of the Year

After singing "Give Me That Old Time Religion" at the Fannin Road Camp Meeting, Jasmine has been singing it this way (over and over)

"Give me that OLD TIME AND AGING" (3x's)
"It was good for my Father" (3x's) 
and it's good enough for me!!

Thanks Pastor Jim Lester!!

Favorite Picture of the Year

Credits go to Mrs. Sherry DeFord for capturing one of our Favorite Pictures of our family.





God has been so good to our family and we give Him glory. 2105 holds a lot of surprises for the Burden family and all I can say is stay tuned and pray for us!!

September Prayer Letter


As always the summer has proven to be the busiest yet the most fruitful time of the year. Trying to encapsulate in a paragraph all the camps, VBS’s, and revivals is in an impossibility. Seeing around 30 kids, teens, and adults come to Christ, receiving embraces of parents who have been praying for their teenager’s salvation, watching as teens audibly weep over the souls of their friends and loved ones, responding to texts messages of teens begging for counsel of how to live for God, and last but not least taking 17 people to Honduras to experience first hand missionary life. Yes, all that was squeezed into three months! Thank you so much for those who have prayed for us because the summer definitely was fruitful.



We have been back in the states for a couple of weeks now, and trying to catch our breath between meetings. I encourage you to read posts on our website concerning  the Honduras trip itself and look on social media at the hashtag #missionstripbm. Praise the Lord we are able to pull our trailer to the majority of our meetings now, and that has made such a huge difference in the stability and the comfort level of my family. My wife has thoroughly enjoyed cooking and cleaning her own place after almost five years of living out of a suitcase.  



The schedule during the fall is looking to be great one with Christian School Revivals, Revivals, Youth Conferences, and even Camp Meetings. Please be in prayer as we seek the Lord’s will to increase our overseas influence and involvement. The Lord has placed a definite passion for oversea works and we want to be wise how we proceed, please pray with us about this matter.

Camp Meeting at Fannin Road Baptist Church              Old Fashioned Sunday


It all started in Flushing, MI where 15 of us including me, my wife, my brother and sister in law (Aaron and Erinh Burden) as well as 2 other adult chaperones and 11 teenagers headed out to Honduras! My Pastor and Assistant Pastor and one other church member met us in Atlanta for the final leg of the journey and we all landed in Honduras to assist Missionary Ronnie Doss.

The Lord allowed us to send all the finances for the church roof and floor to be replaced. There are 22 churches that have been started and we were helping the Grace Baptist Church, pastored by national pastor Havier. 

What a blessing to complete the project with the help of Havier side by side each day. There were extra funds left over to put even another roof on another church as well though we were not able to put that roof on while we were there.

We were also able to help Missionary Ronnie Doss with his home. Doing roof work and painting, we were able to help him out tremendously.

The work aspect kept us busy but we were still preaching every day except 2 nights. We spread the Gospel by passing out John and Romans and tracts in the village of La Esperanza as well. The trip was extremely busy, but everyone pitched in and made the trip a great success. 

Sunday was Picture Sunday and we were able give to people in their hands a picture of them and their family. Many have not had a picture of themselves and it was wonderful to watch the response of them having a picture of themselves. 

Thanks for those who prayed, there was no big health concerns nor threatening moments. God kept us all safe. Besides the water and power going out nearly daily, we stayed fairly comfortable too. 

Summer Closing 2014

We have had quite the summer between junior camps, vacation Bible schools, and youth rallies, the Lord has been blessing. Many saved and great to see Junior age as well as teens surrendering to the Lord! 

For 4 years we have traveled to each of our meetings by car, but Praise the Lord for the first time we carried our travel trailer to our first meeting in Mt. Union, PA! For the next 3 weeks we were able to have our trailer and live in OUR HOME!  Before our trip, Jasmine was searching for which toys to bring with her on the road for our next set of meetings, while holding back the tears I told her, "hey buddy, you get to bring all of them this time! We are going to take our whole house with us!!" What a blessing, to have our home with us! 

Grilling out at the Campground

This week we are preparing for our trip to Honduras. Please pray for the groups from Immanuel Baptist Church in Edenton and Trinity Baptist Church in Flushing, MI, we 17 head out Lord willing next week!

The Summer is in Full Swing

Things got started off to a great start at Camp CoBeAc. The churches of the Great Lakes Youth Conference got together and we had an amazing week. Highlights include parents in tears watching as their son accepts Christ as his Savior on a Tuesday night! Watching as well as teens learned how to pray for lost people and their lost friend for whom they were praying for got saved before the end of the week! It was an incredible thing to behold the excitement of teens over not sports, not games, BUT souls!! Fantastic week!! Able to get acquainted with some great churches and youth pastors as well.

Somerville Baptist VBS in FULL SWING during Song time

Moved on over to Somerville, AL where it was an incredibly busy week, but was wonderful to watch as 16 came to know Christ as their Savior.  The VBS was action packed and I was busily preaching around 28x's this week! God moved and we were thankful to have a part.

Now we are in Camp Bethel in Amherst, Va, and things are moving in the right direction. Praying for teens to get saved this week, as we know that there are some who are not saved. Thanks for your prayers as we continue to serve Him!

The Miracle Truck

For the past 3 years, we have fervently prayed for God to give us a truck. Even little Jasmine has prayed for so long as well concerning the matter. At the close of a revival service, a man who wishes to remains anonymous came to us and let us know that God had laid it on his heart to buy us a truck. Amist the misty eyes and great thanksgiving to God for his generosity, we we're able to set the details to buy a Ford 550 to pull our travel trailer!! The word "excitement" does not even contain our feelings at this point. Please pray that we will use this for God's glory and that He will be exalted in our lives!! Thank you for our prayers!

Our Unborn Child

Earlier this year, my wife and I were blessed with the news that she was pregnant. We we're ecstatic and very grateful to the Lord for giving us another blessing. Due to a health issue that Tabitha has had since before we we're married, we were stunned and thankful that Jasmine was even conceived as well as this child. To say the least we we're both ecstatic.

During our revival meetings in Maryland and Vermont, Tabitha was feeling very winded and tired after meetings and throughout the day. She began periods of bleeding therefore she was pretty much on bed rest. When we we're in Michigan, the problem persisted and we went to the ER. After the days in ER and other things, we found out that Tabitha had indeed miscarried. She then underwent a procedure to prevent any further infection of her uterus. 

Many have expressed much concern and kindness to us throughout this time, and we know that God has purpose and a plan. Please do pray for us, especially my wife as we continue the meetings of this coming month. 

We're in Vermont!

Well, since our last post MANY, MANY, miles have been traveled and Praise the Lord that many have been saved as well. Souls have been saved from Waco, TX to Sophia, WV and all the way to St. Albans, VT. Today was a blessing to watch 3 teens come to know Christ during the Youth Rally at Northside Baptist Church. God certainly has been good. 

But with victories, the Devil doesn't sit idly by. Sickness, fatigue, and other things have come in waves and right now we are dealing with Jasmine being sick again. Pray for our protection and health because as it was started at the end of March, I preach or travel everyday till the mid-May, therefore we need the Lord's strength! 

Our new prayer cards are in, and a clip of them is shown, if you need some please let us know!

Western Excursion Begins..

The Burden Family has set out a 3 months excursion. We left Edenton, NC about 2 weeks ago and we plan on seeing home again Lord willing in May. The states we are heading to range from FL to AZ to VT, so basically the entire country. The Lord has been so gracious to us to open so many doors of opportunity to us. 

Our major prayer requests center around the Missions Trip to Honduras we are planning for this August. Lord willing. We have 3 churches represented at this point, and looking forward to see what the Lord is going to do through the missions group.

Also please pray for Jasmine who has been sick recently, but still has been a trooper in the midst of sleeping in 4 different beds in 4 different states this week alone!

Keep us in your prayers, God bless! 

The picture to the right is from Jasmine's 3rd birthday party

2013 Wrap Up

A year ago today, overseas ministry was a dream, a goal, a hope, but the Lord has blessed 'above and beyond' our expectations. Since that point the Lord has granted me the opportunity to not only go overseas for my first Mission Trip but also to preach my first overseas Revival in La Esperanza, Honduras. This past year could almost be categorized as the "Honduras Year" 

Not only did the Lord give us that opportunity, but He has continued to 'expand our coasts' allowing me to preach behind 50 different pulpits this year alone. What a blessing to be just be counted in His service. 

We have seen this year folks committing to Christ, families drawn closer during revival campaigns, teens mending the relationships with authority figures, and of course to see around 200 people that we know of that accept Christ as their Savior! 

We are thankful for individual supporters, church supporters, as well as prayer supporters of the ministry. These miles could not be traveled nor these messages be preached without the prayers of God's people! So from the bottom of our hearts we say, Thank You!

Fall Update

Dear Praying Friends, 


We have had a very intense summer, but extremely rewarding! As far as we know, 103 teens, adults and kids have been saved! We’ve traveled to Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas,Georgia, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. That’s over 7,000 miles!

We have had the privilege this summer to have a part in several VBS and Bible Camps. We had a special blessing at the VBS in Ohio. A little boy got saved the first night (Monday), then came back the next night, went forward again during the invitation, found the personal worker who had led him to the Lord, and asked, “Can you come and tell my two-year-old brother how to be saved, so he can go to heaven?” It was so sweet to see how he understood, and already had a burden on his heart for his little brother!

Also at this same VBS, a mom came because her kids kept begging her to come. She listened to the message, and got saved in the back after the invitation!

So we’ve definitely seen the Lord do some incredible things during the summer, as well as great decisions made by teens at camp, especially at Camp Peniel in Ohio.


We just finished a Missions Conference in Shrewsbury, PA, as well as revivals in Rhode Island and New York. What a blessing to see 9 teens saved during the Rhode Island Teen Extreme Youth Rally!

We flew out of Fayetteville, NC on the 5th headed to La Esperanza, Honduras, and will be flying back to the States on the 12th. While in Honduras I will be preaching revival services for Missionary Ronnie Doss. Please pray for Bro. Ronnie and his ministry in Honduras.

Please continue to pray for Jasmine. We found out her seizure was a febrile seizure and, thankfully, she hasn’t had a fever that high again. She is doing great, but please keep praying for her.


We have revivals scheduled in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio coming up, as well as chapel services at Ambassador Baptist College later in November.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us as we strive to serve the Lord. 


Burden Update

Well another summer has quickly come and gone and we give all glory to God for the over 100 saved during this summer alone!! The days have been busy, the trials have been various, but God has been consistent and He brought forth the increase. Now that summer has calmed down the fall schedule looks us right in the eyes and we are looking forward to ministering from as far north as Vermont all the way back to our home in NC. 


The plane tickets have been purchased and Lord willing my wife and I will be heading to Honduras on October 5. Pray for us and the revival we will be preaching in La Esperanza. The clothing drive is still in progress and we are presently collecting items for the people there. Lord willing after my wife's and I trip we will be able to be more specific concerning the needs of Honduras as well as more specific times of pick up for the clothing for Honduras.  Our revival schedule is at our itinerary link and since its always changing we are looking for the right times to get down there to get the materials to Alabama and then off to Honduras!


Mission Trip Needs

As we begin to prepare for our trip to Honduras there were some items the missionary requested of us last time we were there. For a missionary coming back to the states for a total of 2 months in the past 23 years, I was pretty inclined to do everything to fulfill their requests. This is a list of some of them and if you have these things or could get these things and send them to us before the end of the month that would be an enormous blessing to him and his wife especially.  If you a desire to be involved there is a "DONATE" button that can be used as well for monetary donations toward an item or items.   

Personal Items Requested: 

Bro. Doss- Peanut Butter, Oliver B Greene, Maze Jackson, and other old time Preaching CD's and Tapes. Music CD's of the Inspirations and Chuck Wagon's and similar genres

Mrs. Doss- She LOVES to read! Authors of T.Davis Bunn, Lori Wick, Jeanette Oake.  Because of her request I thought a Kindle would be very appropriate that was pre-loaded with many of her favorite titles 

Reading glasses, Reading light

Again these are material items but also consider a card with just a note of encouragement. What a blessing it would be to a missionary or missionary wife to get a card just encouraging him or her in the Lord!

The address for any item can be sent to: 

Adrian Burden 901 West Queen Street Edenton, NC 27932


Summer Update

The summer is flying by and its already at the end of July. The Lord has filled our summer up with VBS's, Camps, and other youth rallies. Thankfully, in the ministries we have had part there have been over 80 kids, teens, and adults that have been saved. What a blessing!! and all glory belongs to the Lord!!

We have been from WV to FL to IL to NC to KS and now to GA for another VBS. Many miles and many blessings later the Burden family have seen the Devil fight so much in teens lives, but seen God give the victory to those teens who sought God's help for it.

Please keep us in prayer as we are only half way through our summer excursion and praying many more teens and kids come to know Christ!

Keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter for updates! 



March/April Update

PAST          What a fruitful. and rewarding last couple of months. As many know, the Lord opened the door for me to go to Honduras and work with Missionary Ronnie Doss as well as Missionary Matt Goins. It was a blessing to be able to preach at both locations, and it was a special blessing to see God work. On Friday night, a man who had made threats on Bro. Doss’ life came to the meeting that I was preaching and God used the message to convict him to the point where he made restitution with God as well as his pastor. After that event the national pastor requested if I would be willing to preach a revival in their village in the fall. I agreed with joy and am looking forward to ministering there in La Esperanza this October. Souls were saved as well on the trip for which we give God all the honor and glory for that.

PRESENT       Amidst the international travel, this has been the season for revivals. Our family has traveled from Oklahoma to Florida to Vermont and all in between. God has blessed with a GREAT spirit in each of them. I know it might be trite to say the meetings have gone well, but do understand there is no way that a prayer letter can convey God’s hand moving upon a congregation. During the Oklahoma revival it was encouraging to see a wife and husband saved during the revival then getting baptized and joining the church two weeks after we left. Praise the Lord! We had a particularly great revival in St. Albans, VT and Indiannapolis hearts were ripe and ready and there was great liberty to preach. We have prayed not to just “spin our wheels” in evangelism, but to see God work in amazing ways, and the Lord has answered that prayer for sure. 

FUTURE     Well with the summer drawing nigh, we look forward to a full summer of ministering to young people via VBS’s and camps etc. The Lord has opened doors for ministry all over from Kansas to Georgia to Michigan and all in between once again. This typically is a fruitful time of year concerning souls and we pray that would definitely be the case this year as well. Also the Lord has opened doors for international travel for not only in Honduras but also in Hong Kong and Fiji and we hope by the grace of God we will have the opportunity to be involved with those places. 

Post Mission Trip and Revival

Well, I'm back in the good ol' USA and so thankful for the great land for which I call home. The Lord has burdened my heart for missions in an unexplainable way to which I'm thankful yet the responsibility is great. While in Honduras I worked with missionary named Ronnie Doss and the Central American Mission. I have got a website designed for them at the "CAM" link that describes the work and ministry of Bro. Doss. Please take time to visit and catch the vision of what's happening in Honduras.

Well, now we are in Vermont at Northside Baptist Church in St. Albans and loving being here at this mission minded and mission hearted church under the leadership of Pastor Patterson and Pastor Dan Frost. We are midway through and looking forward to the remainder of the week.

Before that we were at the Amazing Grace Baptist Church with Pastor John Burton who were so helpful in our mission trip and just simply being an encouragement to our family. The revival services there really centered around reaching out and training the next generation as well as missions missions and missions. God's presence was evident throughout the meeting. 

Keep on praying as we are in CT, VT, and NY area for the next week or so...

Honduras Update

Wow, what a trip it has been thus far. I have internet and I'm in El Progresso, Honduras with this update. It has been an incredible journey thus far. Pastor Chris Birkholz of New Hope Baptist Church in Torrington, CT and I have been traveling together on this trip to see the works here in Honduras. We just finished preaching in La Esperanza near Santa Rosa with Missionary Ronnie Doss. He's been on the mission field for around 23 years and has already started 22 churches, a Bible Institute, and an orphanage with around 130 kids as well. The work there is phenomenal, and I was thrilled to have a part in it. The Lord blessed with an opportunity to preach two different times. The last time I was able to preach there, there was a man who had threatened the life of Bro. Ronnie who was present at the service and the next morning after the service he was under conviction got things right with Bro. Ronnie. It was such a blessing to see God work in that way!

After many more incredible provisions and experiences we headed to El Pregresso with Missionary Matt Goins. I had the opportunity to preach the Sunday morning services and a youth activity at Iglesia Bautista El Faro. We are in the process of visiting Hope Children's Home here in Honduras under the leadership of the Coates family!

Please continue to pray for us, during our visit here in Honduras!!


The long awaited time has come, God has opened the door to go to Honduras next week with Pastor Chris Birkholz and Team Honduras. In short we will be ministring in the 2 orphanages as well as the local churches in the area. In the ministry of evangelism it is my joy to not only proclaim the gospel here, but into the regions beyond. Be in Prayer for us March 5-14th!!

Some ask HOW CAN I HELP? 

1. Obviously, one can I pray, and I hope no one neglects that urgent matter!

2. I'm taking a free bag with me to take to the orphans, I'll be taking toothbrushes, hair ties, small toys, candy and whatever for the kids while there.

3. Finances always can be used, and every penny will go toward the missionaries and the orphanage work. Any donation given through the "PAYPAL" link under the "CONTACT US" section will be used for that express purpose!! Or message us, with what items you could send us to be used on this trip.

Thank you so much for taking time and interest into this matter!! God Bless!

Information of the Missionaries were going to be with...

Past, Present, Future


     At the beginning of a new year, we reflect on God’s blessings of the past year and we rejoice and give Him all the glory. We give him the glory for the 100+ saved last year during the revivals, retreats, and camps, we give Him the glory for our new 40’ Cardinal 5th Wheel Trailer, we give Him glory for opportunities of ministry spanning nearly from coast to coast, we give Him the glory for it all. 


      At the end of last year, the Lord laid an ever increasing burden upon my heart for overseas ministry. I’ve always had the desire, and I always talked about it but never made definite plans to do any of it. Well, that has changed. The Lord has opened the doors for evangelistic campaigns worldwide and I will be heading to Honduras in March for such a trip. The exact dates are March 5th-12th and I ask for your prayers for that trip. But before that trip the Burden Family will be traveling from Oklahoma City to Vermont down to Florida and all in between. Please be in prayer for the meetings and evangelistic campaigns we will be involved in during those times.


     Because of the overseas ministry aspect, we have been scheduling Missions Conferences for support purposes. We are not seeking full support since we live off of our love offerings, but we are seeking the Lord through His people to consider Burden Ministries for support. Please keep that a matter of prayer for us, specifically that we can continue the oversea aspect of ministry.