God is still at Work!!

Well, for the first time in a long time I think I will be in the same state longer than one week!! Praise the Lord for His goodness in doing the impossible once again. My fiancee is moved out of her apartment and will be coming on part time staff at my home church until the wedding. Please pray as I am looking for a job during these Christmas season when I am not preaching in many local churches.

God also has encouraged my heart once again by having a pastor let me know that there were about 40 young people or so in his Sunday services as a direct result of the youth revival almost a month prior. And also praise the Lord as another pastor led his daughter to the Lord last night and the Lord had been dealing with her heart since the revival months back and she just made a decision. These are decisions that remain and God gets all the glory.

Please keep us both in your prayers as MANY decisions still need to be made concerning the future!