March Update

As I begin to unfold the happenings of the ministry, I want to praise the Lord for His wonderful protecting hands. Since my last letter, the Lord has enabled me to travel over 12,000 miles presenting the work and preaching to young people across the nation. God’s protecting hand was evident in snowy Arizona when the vehicle I was riding in spun out of control into the oncoming traffic. We shifted back and forth till we smashed into a guard rail bringing us to a stop! In God’s providence the vehicle lost control at THAT point, for if it had been 1,000 feet back there was no guard rail and a steep cliff awaited our doom. So this incident has made me more aware for the need of prayer support. Of course, I realize monetary support is needed, but monetary support is only part of the big picture. However, I do want to say thank you to those who are monetarily supporting the ministry. By God’s grace, it is my heart’s desire to use every penny given to the ministry wisely for His service.
God has continued to open more doors of opportunities to reach troubled young people across the nation. A statistic that I read continues to burn in my mind. It stated: 1 in 8 black young men between the ages 18-25 are in some type of detention center across the nation. Of course, I have a burden for people no matter what color they are, but this rings hard in my mind because that statistic refers to my age group, and it is by the grace of God that I am not there. That burden for those behind bars and those young people that are clueless about the direction for their lives is escalating as I continue to travel across this nation. Now more than ever is the time to stop complaining about the young people of this generation and do something about it.
God has answered my prayer concerning the purchase of prayer cards. I am enclosing a prayer card and if you would like more cards please do not hesitate to send me an email, and I will send you some as quickly as I possible. I pass these cards out very freely, for I know that prayer moves the very hand of God. It has been said: When man works, man works; but when man prays, God works. This is God’s work and I am a just happy servant doing what He desires of me. Please help me pray as I continue God’s call for my life in the Juvenile Department of Rock of Ages. Keep in prayer my safety as I travel many miles and also pray as I still need to acquire a projector and other missionary materials that I have not purchased yet. Please also pray as I raise money to make some international evangelistic trips as well. Thank you and may God bless your continued labors for Him.
In Christ,
Adrian Burden