Conclusion of PA and Beginning of MI

Thank the Lord for His blessings during the revival in Waynesboro, PA. The time we spent with Pastor Busik and the wonderful people at Antrim Faith Baptist was truly a blessing. They were more of a blessing to us then probably we were to them. We did spend some extra time there because of the weather. It was ALOT of snow and we were stuck for an extra two days, but no worries because the Lord allowed us to preach there for a little longer time there in PA on Sunday. 

Presently we are in MI visiting my wife's grandfather who is in the hospital from a back surgery. At the end of the weekend we will be heading for Prudenville, MI for Camp COEBEAC. We're getting our winter gear ready for even more cold and of course more snow. 

**Please pray as we enter this next week because at the end of the week I will be going in for surgery. Please pray for the surgical procedure as well as the finances for the surgery. I do not want to postpone it due to expenses but we are praying the Lord will provide. God has put us together and taken care of us in various methods and we just want His will to be done in and through us.

Thank you prayer and financial supporters God bless you ALL!!