Sorry for the earlier entry, that had some mechanical error there. But God blessed the meeting in Cleveland, OH. It was great meeting and being with Pastor Foldger and his church staff. Preaching at the Heritage Christian Academy was a great blessing and was stunned to see the response of the young people. God moved in the midst and many were getting things right with their authority figures. What a blessing, to see teens put to work what was just preached the day before.

Now we are home in NC to SNOW yes SNOW on the beach of NC. It has been a crazy winter this but Praise the Lord I was able to fly home before all the snow came.

Please continue to pray for my wife as the due date comes closer and closer, Feb. 1st is the date but its not looking like she might make until then. Thank the Lord though in the meantime God has provided through baby showers, generous loved ones and others to get all the necessary things we need for the baby! God bless you all!!

Thanks you so much for your love and support the ministry