Northern Excursion

We have been some traveling people this past week. Thankfully we made it safe to Tri-State Bible Camp and preached there the weekend. During the meeting, one teenager went back for salvation and other decisons were made including teens that purposed in their hearts not to just be good but to be GREAT for God. Lord willing we pray that they live it out when they go home.

Next after preaching 3 times on Saturday we headed over to Connecticut to Pastor Chris Birkholz and New Hope Baptist Church. It was our first time there and it was a GREAT experience. We loved the generosity of the people as well as the hospitality. We had a great time of fellowship with the Pastor (a PCC grad as well). Actually so much so that we Lord willing might plan a trip to Honduras this coming summer together with his church. Please pray for us about that opportunity.

Next we headed to NYC in the Queens boro to meet Pastor Williams the Pastor of Parkway Baptist Church. We are praying about the opportunity to possibly work with a church for longer than the typical week or half a week model of evangelism, but stay as long as we can or till when sufficient help arrives.  Therefore we are considering this church due to the great need his area represents. Please pray about those concerns as well.

Today we find ourselves in Waynesboro, PA with the folks of Antrim Faith Baptist Church. Long time friends of ours now and look forward to always stopping for preaching and the fellowship.