2013 Wrap Up

A year ago today, overseas ministry was a dream, a goal, a hope, but the Lord has blessed 'above and beyond' our expectations. Since that point the Lord has granted me the opportunity to not only go overseas for my first Mission Trip but also to preach my first overseas Revival in La Esperanza, Honduras. This past year could almost be categorized as the "Honduras Year" 

Not only did the Lord give us that opportunity, but He has continued to 'expand our coasts' allowing me to preach behind 50 different pulpits this year alone. What a blessing to be just be counted in His service. 

We have seen this year folks committing to Christ, families drawn closer during revival campaigns, teens mending the relationships with authority figures, and of course to see around 200 people that we know of that accept Christ as their Savior! 

We are thankful for individual supporters, church supporters, as well as prayer supporters of the ministry. These miles could not be traveled nor these messages be preached without the prayers of God's people! So from the bottom of our hearts we say, Thank You!