Our Unborn Child

Earlier this year, my wife and I were blessed with the news that she was pregnant. We we're ecstatic and very grateful to the Lord for giving us another blessing. Due to a health issue that Tabitha has had since before we we're married, we were stunned and thankful that Jasmine was even conceived as well as this child. To say the least we we're both ecstatic.

During our revival meetings in Maryland and Vermont, Tabitha was feeling very winded and tired after meetings and throughout the day. She began periods of bleeding therefore she was pretty much on bed rest. When we we're in Michigan, the problem persisted and we went to the ER. After the days in ER and other things, we found out that Tabitha had indeed miscarried. She then underwent a procedure to prevent any further infection of her uterus. 

Many have expressed much concern and kindness to us throughout this time, and we know that God has purpose and a plan. Please do pray for us, especially my wife as we continue the meetings of this coming month.