It all started in Flushing, MI where 15 of us including me, my wife, my brother and sister in law (Aaron and Erinh Burden) as well as 2 other adult chaperones and 11 teenagers headed out to Honduras! My Pastor and Assistant Pastor and one other church member met us in Atlanta for the final leg of the journey and we all landed in Honduras to assist Missionary Ronnie Doss.

The Lord allowed us to send all the finances for the church roof and floor to be replaced. There are 22 churches that have been started and we were helping the Grace Baptist Church, pastored by national pastor Havier. 

What a blessing to complete the project with the help of Havier side by side each day. There were extra funds left over to put even another roof on another church as well though we were not able to put that roof on while we were there.

We were also able to help Missionary Ronnie Doss with his home. Doing roof work and painting, we were able to help him out tremendously.

The work aspect kept us busy but we were still preaching every day except 2 nights. We spread the Gospel by passing out John and Romans and tracts in the village of La Esperanza as well. The trip was extremely busy, but everyone pitched in and made the trip a great success. 

Sunday was Picture Sunday and we were able give to people in their hands a picture of them and their family. Many have not had a picture of themselves and it was wonderful to watch the response of them having a picture of themselves. 

Thanks for those who prayed, there was no big health concerns nor threatening moments. God kept us all safe. Besides the water and power going out nearly daily, we stayed fairly comfortable too.