'Black' Church & 'White' Church


“White Water Fountains” & “Black Water Fountains” would be considered offensive terms in our society, however ‘White Church’ & ‘Black Church’  is a cultural norm. As a black evangelist for over 10 years that preaches 90% of the time in what most would call ‘white churches’ I have been asked by pastors on many occasions of how to bridge this seemingly great divide between the black and white community. Though prejudices exist with all people groups, there seems to be a strikingly obvious divide between blacks and whites. In recent years, I have been bold in asking ministry leaders and others what we could do about this especially within our churches. 

“True racial reconciliation happens through the Gospel. When we as a people are reconciled to God through the power of the cross then we will then in turn be reconciled one to another.”

The article below references the reconciling one to another. I believe there are ways that those who attend predominately ‘white churches’ can equip themselves with an understanding that will help them as they reach the black population of their community. 

I have considered writing many articles upon this subject however Pastor Isaac of Capitol Hill Baptist does such an amazing job on the topic that I did not feel it necessary to re-invent the wheel on this specific issue. Though I do not know much concerning his ministry, I would say most of his points on how many black people feel within white churches are SPOT ON! 

I realize some may view my thoughts as negativity, but if we say we are constantly growing in our walk with the Lord then maybe we should take note that this is an area God might choose to grow us in! My overall goal for voicing these matters is not just to see everyone’s church be more diverse for ‘diversity sake’ but to make sure that our churches are as Christ like as possible therefore if they are diverse than…well, they are diverse. We all have more we can learn upon this very important topic, and in the coming days I would like to use my voice to help bridge some understanding upon these matters. 


Pastor Isaac Adams, “WHY WHITE CHURCHES ARE HARD FOR BLACK PEOPLE” https://www.9marks.org/article/why-white-churches-are-hard-for-black-people/?fbclid=IwAR37LmZAXw--I-P5zV0iQhADLQPpd8zsgMRoVudTvpKyrBQJmNq5Ry_k69w