Donate to Burden Ministries

Thank you so much for the interest to donate and support Burden Ministries. Our family lives by faith and the love offerings of God's people. Thank you so much for having a part.. If you prefer to donate to us personally (non tax deductible)  and do not use the Paypal link, our support address is as follows:

Burden Ministries    

301 Virginia Ave Morehead City, NC 28557

For tax deductible gifts we use our Mission Board Central Missionary Clearinghouse. At the end of each calendar year CMC will provide a tax receipt for any gift given. In that case please make all checks payable to CMC with "Adrian Burden" in the memo line. For verification and accountability of the ministry of CMC please check out this LINK.  


Individual Donor Forms for ONE time/first time use are at this LINK.

Church Donor for ONE time/first time use are this LINK.

These are for record keeping purposes only although they are not necessary they are helpful for accurate and adequate record keeping.


P.O. Box 219228 Houston, Texas 77218-9228 

Thank you! Every bit help us to spread the Gospel not only in the US but also the world!