Evangelist david Young

"Brother Burden does everything first class and with all his heart.  He has a great love for the Word of God and preaches it both powerfully and dynamically.  He is a unique preacher in that he is comfortable with children, teens, and adults.  Everyone I know who has heard him preach was blessed and helped by his Bible messages."

Pastor Jonathan Barber

 "I appreciated Adrian's down-to-earth, humble spirit both in and out of the pulpit. His wife and kids are also a wonderful asset to the ministry. The Burdens don't play 101 different instruments, but they are real, and that is what connected with our folks. We look forward to having them back again!"

Pastor tony griffin

"I am a Black Independent Baptist preacher with a burden for our kinsmen.  I’ve heard him preach and had him in my home.  Having observed his passion, giftedness and sincerity, I want to highly recommend him to you...He has a tremendous heart for youth."