#NicaNeedsUS Campaign

Impending war in Nicaragua has caused many brothers and sisters in Christ to lack many of their basic necessities. With nearly 400 dead, 200,000 jobs lost since April, the social and economic future has turned dismal overnight. 
We cannot sit idle while our brothers and sisters lack food, medicine, and supplies.  

The #NicaNeedsUS campaign is raising awareness and money for what is taking place in Nicaragua. When one part of the body of Christ is hurting, we do what is necessary to give aid. The churches of Nicaragua are hurting and Lord willing #NicaNeedsUS can be of help.  

The funds raised in this campaign will be handled with the utmost responsibility and  transparency. Evangelist Adrian Burden, Pastor Noe Mendoza, and the board of ASOFUEGENI are passionate about the mission of helping the churches of Nicaragua therefore by God's grace will distribute the monies raised in the most God honoring way. Please prayerfully consider your involvement in #NicaNeedsUS


What is Going ON iN Nicaragua?

Possible Civil War has caused many to lack the basic necessities of life. Many are being literally killed in the streets among the hundreds of others who are now reported as "missing" The following articles share more light upon the current situation.


Where are the monies Going?

The ministry of ASOFUEGENI has supplied Bible Literature in Nicaragua for years, thereby having intimate ties with many of the local churches in the surrounding Nicaragua areas. During this time of crisis, the ministry has changed focus to supply FOOD, MEDICINE, and BIBLE MATERIALS to the people of Nicaragua.  

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How can I help?

Please consider donating directly or contacting your church to consider coporately donating directly. The financial infrastructure has already been created to be able to get funds into Nicaragua without any red flags from the  Nicaraguan government. All gifts received by mail are tax deductible.