Where do you travel? 

Literally anywhere, if it is a further distance we just ask the church to be flexible in scheduling, but by God's grace if we can make it we will be there! 

How much do you charge?

We travel on an love offering basis. We do not take a salary anywhere else, we live on the love offerings we receive. Some churches will choose to help with our expenses which we encourage, but never require for us coming. We, as all of God's children, live by faith.

Is the itinerary always right?

No it is not! Things are constantly changing and being moved around and switched. Some meetings get scheduled the week before, some 2 years before. The calendar is a basic guide, but by no means is it all in STONE!

Do you bring your family?

To travel without my family is the exception not the rule. There are occasions where I must go alone due to the short duration of a meeting or airline expense, but typically my family will always be with me.


If we wanted to schedule a youth rally, revival, VBS where do we start?

Simply shoot me an email at the contact information, or call and we can get any further questions answered. Emails come straight to my phone and will be answered promptly!