Official Church Change


For years our family has fervently prayed for the relocation of our home church. I privately spoke with  pastors and other mentors about the large decision. We desired to be around a higher Latino population as well as a major airport to expedite our travel and provide opportunity to be home more.  

After much prayer and deliberation we are thrilled to announce that we have joined Beacon Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC under the leadership of Pastor Tim Rabon. 

Being in evangelism for 10 years, our family can easily spot “obligatory kindness”  Pastor and Mrs. Rabon have shown such genuine love and concern for our family that it truly seems our relationship has been much longer than the 6 months we have been discussing this decision.  We are thrilled to also interact with Iglesia Bautista El Faro which meets in the same facility as Beacon Baptist Church. 

Please continue to pray for the ministry of International Evangelism. Our mission is still the same, we have just changed the church we are working under. We look forward to MANY MANY years of fruitful ministry together. 

Top 10 Things I have Learned in 10 Years of Evangelism

Screenshot 2018-05-22 16.15.22.png

 #10- Love and Curiosity are 2 of the greatest enemies of prejudice.

Unfortunately in 10 years I have found much prejudice behind the doors of churches and pulpits. Some churches have a cloud of racism so thick that it can be cut with a knife however Love and Curiosity have broken down many walls. I met a woman whose son had been murdered by a black man. In a town with few black people, one could understand her apprehension to interact with me. Through loving one another and curiosity (to see and understand how did she get to that place) made all the difference in both our perspectives. 

#9- The Devil is the Master of making us care about things that don’t matter

We criticize teens playing hours of video games then I watch adults, waste hours on their phone. Kicking aside their kids aside they run out every Saturday to a boat, then look at me when there teens are summer camp and say to me "straighten my kid out" We have had the opportunity we just have not seized it because we do not see it as important!                 

#8- People are different but actually they are the same

We all dream, we all have ambition, passion and desire. We may live in different parts of the world but really at the end of the day, we all are sinners needing Christ. Some are "good looking" sinners, some are rich sinners, but sinners nevertheless!

#7- Give your wife her own spending money!

Pretty self explanatory and seriously important. Find your wife's love language and SPEAK IT  LOUD AND CONSTANTLY! 

#6- Contentment ends when Comparison begins

Every preacher wants to be influential/popular! However we can become discontented with our race God has called us to, by comparing our race to someone else's race. I love Craig Groschel as he said the 'fastest way to ruin something special is to compare it' Love what God has called us to do and do it! 

#5- My closest friend are the ones who love the God they serve, not just loving serving.

I have friends who LOVE to preach, though thats not bad, they are not my closet friends. My closest friends are the ones that love the One they are preaching about MORE! 

#4- If at first you don't succeed, find out why

Evaluate, evaluate, every year I ask God, what do I need to improve? where do I need to change? We are always growing therefore we are always going to be changing.

#3- At the end of the day, I am a DAD and Husband

Sometimes meetings do not go well. Sometimes I become very ambitious after a great meeting of how to capitalize on this etc. But I must remember that at the end of the day, I have a calling to my family, to be the Spirit filled leader they need. 

#2- The Gospel is EVERYTHING

We can get creative and fancy but at the end of the day, the GOSPEL is what is going to change lives!! The GOSPEL's Power must be shared and lived through His people!! 

#1- Genuinely walking with God passionately is my Primary Objective

It's hard to sum up my primary objective, but this is it. My focus is walk in the Spirit every single day! When it comes to more sermon prep or walk with God, WALK WITH GOD wins, when my walk with God is challenged by ANYTHING, everything else must come second. If I walk with God i'll be the Husband, Father, & Evangelist, God has called me to be.


Missionary Evangelist

Many questions arise on what our ministry in Nicaragua entails.

Adrian are you an Evangelist or a Missionary??

Why not BOTH...a "Missionary Evangelist"

This picture shows how our schedule is broken down in percentages of times in a given calendar year. The reason for "Missionary Evangelist" is because we are supported similar to a missionary during the yellow 25% time frame while overseas. Currently we are around 60% of that goal, and that is why in the fall we preach and present in Missions Conferences.


While we are overseas we do what we do in the states, strive to see people saved and exhort churches to godliness. Our prayer is that we might have enter a new level of effectiveness by learning Spanish but in the mean time, I still preach and teach through translators till we reach that point of preaching in the native tongue.


To answer some questions out there, we are not permanently here in Nicaragua its the open door God has told us to minister to and hone our Spanish. Every year may be different or could be the same, I simply am a free agent before the Lord. In the United States we do not solicit or ask for meetings, we pray that God has the pastors that believe that we can help contact us. They do and its not man pushed but God ordained. The exact same is true for international ministry. We have open hearts and God directs our steps to individuals or ministries that we can help. Every year is different because we are the free agents and God is the owner. We live by faith, and we thank God he has directed our steps for the past 10 years. Psalm 84:11


During these beginning days of the transition, we by faith make overseas moves and we have seen God provide. Thank everyone for their prayers!

December Update

 Merry Christmas to so many friends across the nation. God bless each of you, and we do truly hope and pray that you have a blessed Christmas. 🎄

In our last letter we sent out a definite plea for God’s people to pray and consider of what they could do to help us with a very specific need of housing while in Managua. We understood not every church and individual could help, but we prayed the ones God spoke directly to would get involved, and praise the Lord, He provided through His people. Well before November 27th, I was able to message our contact in Nicaragua to tell him that he can expect our family from Jan-Mar of next year. What a blessing!! 

 Faith is the currency God responds to, and when by faith we act upon what He asks us to do, it's wonderful to have a front row seat of God showing Himself as Jehovah-Jireh. We know you all pray and give for God’s glory, but we do not take for granted that your giving is benefiting our family directly. 


While overseas our family lives off the monthly support that is given by churches. Recently we just received news that Savannah River Baptist Church of Savannah, GA has taken us on for support bringing our monthly support up to around 60% Our family still goes overseas no matter the level of our monthly support, but monthly support enables longer stays during our international travel. During the spring and fall, we would love to present at your church our heart for international evangelism as a missionary arm of your church. 


During the holiday season, I had some time to prayerfully reflect on the mission and goal of Burden Ministries. I wanted it to be clearly stated for all of those who want to know the heart and focus of the ministry. In our current day, people typically identify me as an evangelist or missionary evangelist. Labels do not bother me in the least, but I do deem it necessary to be clear about what our overall aim is. It can be summarized as follows:


 Burden ministries exists to glorify God though the clear, passionate, worldwide proclamation of the gospel for the purpose of evangelizing the lost, edifying the saints and equipping the body of Christ.

Thats our heart in a nutshell. Whether we are stateside or overseas this is our focus and drive. Please pray that we will passionately obey our Savior in season and out of season.  

       Please enjoy the new prayer card, and if you need more for your church just send me an email.

Truck/Trailer News


Though communication has been somewhat silent, the last month has been incredibly eventful in relation to our truck and trailer. A couple of weeks ago our family was trying to climb a hill and literally got stuck with wheels spinning and heading back down the VERY steep hill. Frozen at the wheel, I had every brake engaged and literally could not move without the truck and trailer rolling back down the hill into a ditch along the side of the road. My poor wife had to be the one who had to chock the wheels so I could at least release the brakes enough for my leg not to remain strained on the brake. 

To shorten the story, God used a guy to help us get out of the terrible predicament. Somewhat before and since then unfortunately our truck has had some issues, including possible transmission trouble. We are having a very hard time diagnosing whats going on with the truck because it only fires codes when under a load or under a very specific strain. For now we have just switched out vehicles and praying that we can get it sorted out soon. 

Thankfully our trailer was able to be picked up by my father in law who parked it in Wilson, NC at Tabernacle Baptist. They have agreed to let us use their RV hookup till we can get it back home. 

Please pray that after we finish up our fall schedule that we will know what we need to do concerning the transportation of our trailer and the repairing of our truck. We are not in a huge hurry since Lord willing we will be living in Nicaragua soon however it would be wonderful to know its ready to go when we get back to the states.

Just an update, and thanks for all those who regularly pray for our family.

There is first for Everything...

What bitter sweet moments have happened in the past months. The opportunity to have so many invest within our lives to be able to have this opportunity to be here at language school will forever be close to our hearts. Though much excitement surrounds language school there have been many difficult days, periods of times when concepts are just not being grasped etc.. Through it all the Lord has been faithful. After a lot of prayer and hours of prep, I had the opportunity to give my first devotional in Spanish at a small Bible study, There are many pronunciation blunders and other mistakes, but the reason I put the link to the video is 2-fold. First it helps me to see where I need to go from here, Secondly, that I am not taking lightly the investment that has been made in our family. Please continue to pray for the rest of our studies till May then for next year as we take another season of time for more language acquisition.  

January/February 2017

We are here!! The Lord has blessed and we are in deep south Texas for language school at Rio Grande Bible Institute.  Our new home for the next five month is around 20 milesaway from the Mexican border and we are immersed within an area of Spanish speakers.

Many have prayed and supported and we wanted to personally thank all of you for doing so. The goal of 12k was exceeded. The trip down here had many obstacles and plan changes, but the Lord provided all that was needed for 1600 mile trip. The kids traveled very well for the many miles on the road and the Lord’s hand has been on our truck to make it without a hint of a problem. 

Jasmine is absolutely loving the local Christian school which she is enrolled in, and Janae is in the language school day care where she is even learning some Spanish. 

We are getting involved within two local churches in the area. We have 3 services in a given a week which are COMPLETELY in Spanish, but for the sake of our family being fed spiritually we also attend an English speaking church. We thank the Lord for some good churches in the Mcallen, TX area that we are able to have this flexibility. 

Language School is underway and it is definitely starting at an accelerated pace. Since my wife and I are both in the program, it makes for busy days juggling picking up Jasmine from school, tutoring schedules, homework, house work etc. Please pray for us during this adjustment. It sounds silly but we are very much ‘night people’ and making sure the kids are in bed by 8 and off to school and day care before its even light out is a new world for us among other things. 

Specific requests: 

1. Wisdom to learn this language

    2. We will soon have to make a decision about getting a trailer

    3.The kids adjustments: making friend and adapting to a new type of schedule