Well, we have been busy, busy, we finally got EVERYTHING moved in and settled in our new place in Morehead City, and my wife is enjoying the time of not being enclosed in a vehicle during her pregnancy. Even though we have been home for a bit today is the first day we just plan to "have a Saturday" We still are taking part in the music and speaking at funeral service later on today but after that we plan to just take it easy.

Over the past days we have stilled been preaching at least twice a week, working in the bus ministry and whatever other area we can plug into exactly to help out the church. God has been good and we have thoroughly enjoyed out time at home. But it wont be too long before we hit the road once again, and get to preaching all over.

Please keep my wife's pregnancy still in prayer, things are going well but we are still praying for no complications whatsoever. And please pray for S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth Ministries that God would use it for His honor and glory. Also pray that  I can get back into school mode as I am working on Doctorate of Theology as well. Thank you so much