Thanksgiving Holidays

As Thanksgiving draws to a close and Christmas is in the very near future, we should always have a moment to take note of how good God has been. We are so thankful for all His many blessings within our lives and specifically the meetings we have been privileged to be part of.


We returned before Thanksgiving from Yonkers, NY at Hudson View Baptist Church. When the revival began we understood that it was very much a hurting church with many needs. God was so gracious in giving us a sweet, sweet Spirit within the place. Folks had such a servants heart and attitude that was both flattering and humbling. The Lord met with us in the church services and in the Christian School area as well. Our departure came with some heartfelt goodbye's as we flew out on Thursday morning. Although it was not the meeting with many many saved and other breakthrough decisions, the Lord met needs there that week and we were glad to be His instruments in the process. 

Also we had the privilege to be at my Pastor's church where he was for 5 years before coming to Immanuel Baptist Church. It was Great Hope Christian Academy with Pastor Godfrey in Chesapeke, VA.

Do pray for us throughout the holiday season that we will be ministers of His truth while we are not traveling as extensively as we do during the regular calendar year.