Amazing Grace Baptist Church


Thank the Lord for another great revival in Jacksonville, NC with my very own cousin, Pastor John Burton. He is much older than I am and was very much an encouragement concerning my young age in the ministry, Me and my friend Jonathan Walton were both speaking in the services. Between him, my wife and I and my wife's sister Deborah, we had the opportunity to do all the special music and preaching for the Sunday to Wednesday meeting. Needless to say the days were filled with much fun and conversations from times pasts and with stories about me as a child.

The meeting went terrific and it was such a blessing to see many family members who  came out of curiosity to hear and were helped by the services. It was great to leave the church and know we were not just leaving a church but we were leaving friends, and that truly is a difference. 

Keep us in prayer as we are off to another church in our general area of NC for Sunday Services. Thanks so much for your prayers.