Recent Preaching Trips

Montgomery AL-

Thank the Lord for his blessings and traveling mercies as we went to Montgomery this past mid-April. There were 3 young people who accepted the Lord as their Savior. There were other decisions of commitment issues made as well with the other young people. It was an exciting rally with the wonderful people of Fannin Road Baptist Church.

Prattville, AL-

Later from Montgomery we headed to Prattville. There was a big storm that made the plans for the Saturday youth rally to be cancelled. Thank the Lord though I was able to speak to the teenagers in their Sunday School class the next day, and as well as to the adults in the Sunday morning service. It was very encouraging to hear from a parent that their son was saved the last time I was there for revival and to hear that he was still doing right and on the right path. It was great being with the people of Open Door Baptist Church. 

Rocky Mount, NC

We had the privilege to have our little 5year old niece for a couple days between the Prattville and Rocky Mount trip. It was a learning and good experience as we were preparing for our next set of meetings. We preached at Faith Christian School at their Jr/Sr Banquet. It was interesting to see the many young people and the 250 or so that gathered for the occasion. It was a neat speaking opportunity and I believe the Lord taught us more through that experience than what I could have shared in my message.

New Bern, NC

Now we are home for a little while. It is great for us to have some time to regroup and prepare for an extremely hectic summer. Many plans need to be made and even though we are both home. Please pray for us because we still remain busy working and serving in our local church. God has blessed me to work with a contractor during the times that I am home and my wife works in the office at church part time. And in the ministry I preach to the teenagers when I am home and work with many of the young people who come on our buses each Sunday. Needless to say, our responsibilities do not stop when we arrive home, but we love staying busy for the Lord.

Keep us in your prayers!!