Port St. Lucie Revival

Now we are in Port St. Lucie, FL and already had a good start and looking forward to the rest of the week. Primarily we will be preaching at Barnabas Christian Acadamey for their Spiritual Emphasis Week starting tomorrow. I have always enjoyed preaching to Christian School groups in the past and looking forward to this one as well.

A couple of things to be in prayer for especially. Please pray for my health especially, here recently I do not know what is going on but its causing me lack of energy and other distracting complications. It would be great to preach this week without any physical things coming into play. Also please pray the meeting would be of great help to the school. Many at this school need to be saved, therefore were praying for very tender hearts and moving of the Holy Spirit this week. Many Christians here need to arise out of apathy and we pray that God can do a work in our midst.

Thanks again for your prayer support. And also the family is doing well and adjusting well to life on the road!