What an amazing weekend this past weekend. I had to leave my wife and precious little daughter behind at my in-law's home while I flew to MI to be a part of a great weekend of snow camp.

Many churches in the MI and OH area were represented at snow camp this year. It was great to see the Lord work in many of the teenagers hearts. But there was no night quite like Friday night. The service started at 6:45 and lasted for 3 hours. Not because I preached long but because many teenagers did not leave the auditorium till they had made things right with the Lord. The tears were abundant, the kneeling in earnest prayer was everywhere, it was just a time when you could honestly say, we have met with the Lord!!

At the end 2 were saved and 187  teens fully gave their heart to the Lord to do whatever He would have them to do!! After the initial decisons many called parents and made things right, one actually took his laptop and smashed it so the temptation of porn would be gone, and many more amazing spirtual breakthroughs!!

Thank you for your prayers!! God bless and please pray for these teenagers as well!!