Revival in Dugspur,VA

Well outside our window right now is open land, cow pastures, and barns. There is a reason why you may never had heard of Dugspur, VA, BUT there are people here. Very hospitable and nice people but lost people. My whole family is back on the road now, heading up and down the highways in revival meetings across the nation. And Dugspur, VA is the first stop of many on this 2 months excursion. This will be little Jamsine's initiaion into evangelism travel. 

Calvary Bible Church under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Johnathan LaMontagne has been recently emphasizing the importance of soul winning and being a soul winning church. This revival thus far has definitley been that, God has been moving in hearts and it has been amazing to see, people having a renewed focus for the souls of men. 

Please keep us in prayer as this meeting contiunes to Wednesday evening that God will do a great work.