The Car.....

Praise the Lord for His provision through all things that have been going on over the past weeks.

The Lord blessed our time with Pastor Raymond Beckles in Newport, AR, they overwhelmed us with their generosity and love for the ministry.

After that we headed to Chattanooga, TN with Pastor Geeter for Easter Services. God blessed that and the time we were able to spend for their Young Adult Revival. God met with us in a special way during those breif revival services.

After that we made to Louisville, KY to be with Pastor Matthew Anders and the people of Landmark Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. We stayed with a great family and God blessed as we spoke to the young people about the importance of honoring their parents. Thank the Lord for that great meeting.

Now we are in Newirk, OH where I just finished preaching at the Newirk Baptist Temple with Pastor James Dennis and his great people. The generosity and warmth of the church could literally be felt during our stay. We had the privilege to preach to the young people during their Jr./Sr. Banquet and preach all day Sunday as well.

Now we are having car trouble thankfully it did not leave us stranded upon the road, but we made it to our next destination and the Lord has provided for our needs. The car's issue was the fuel pump which is looking to cost around $500 or so to fix!! God has shown himself faitful in providing for us during this time therefore we already in advance give Him the glory!!