Funeral Follow-up and Meeting Update

      The homegoing of my brother in law was a shock to say the least. My wife and I had returned home for a week of vacation after a very busy summer. The first day we were home we received the word the Leon had been injured and that it was not critical. We began to pray for his medical flight home. We did not realize just 12 hours later God would take my brother in law home to glory. When received the news, of course there were many many tears and times of dismay since he was leaving behind a pregnant wife and 2 boys under the age of 4, but through it all we were able to sorrow as those who have hope, not as though who sorrow who have no hope.

     While Leon was in Afghanistan, he was going to take a shower at the bathhouse when the enemy spotted and fired a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) and it blew up puncturing the lung of Leon. As he was medivaced out of the area he was conscious enough to ask for his men and if they were okay. When he flew away, they expected a full recovery, nevertheless God saw fit to take him home 12 hours later. 

      At the funeral there was a sense of grief yet rejoicing, as we focused on the fact that GOD TOOK HIM. We are not going to argue with God nor charge God foolishly. Through the funeral and because of many many prayers across the nation the entire family experienced God's grace first hand. It's a feeling that you must have to be able to explain. Souls were saved as a result of his death. Through it all, there is a sense of victory as we can lift our heads to Heaven and say, "God's Been Good!!"

      We honor him for His service to this nation, and his sacrifice will never be forgotten, please though continue to pray for the family, especially his dear wife, Mary Lucas, as she is due this winter with their 3rd child and many decisions of housing, moving, and other pressing matters need to be decided upon in the very near future.

     After the funeral, my family and I went straight home and packed till around 1am and got up at 3am and drove to the airport to catch our 6:20a plane to preach in Mansfield, Ohio at 6:45pm that night. Needless to say we have been busy. Keep the family in prayer as Jasmine tries her hand at flying now for the first couple of times. God bless you prayer and financial supporters!