We have started out in Mansfield, OH and have had some walls to work through with teens. God blessed and we saw some saved and Lord willing some effected for eternity. Good decisions were told to me by a few teenagers who came to me afer the services. Some made some things right with their parents and others made other commitements to rid themselves of different media avenues of temptations as well. Through it all God was glorified and we thank Him for that.

      We have just started the meeting here in Elmer, NJ. I preached this Sunday all the serivecs and watched God bless with a responding from the moving of the Holy Spirit. This church had people praying through the service for the message and the messneger and it definitely made a differnece. God uses prayer and it has been evident in our lives. Please pray for the continuation of the week that teens would be saved and that God would be glorified.