Praise the Lord, we have made it safely through the storm. After finishing the Christian School Revival at Land 'O Lakes we headed straight for the airport in Tampa to have a very bumpy flight into New Bern, NC. We made it just before the wrath of the storm. We stayed at the church for a shelter for 2 days. After those two days of no shower and no bed we were very happy when we got to Elizabeth City and checked into our hotel. On the way we saw many many trees in power lines and some flooding of the roads, trees in some people's homes, but Praise the Lord we made it safely through with minimal damage.

We have now made it to Elizabeth City preaching at the Victory Baptist Church and the school. God has already done a work upon our wonderful welcome we received from the staff and faculty here. It's great to be at the church because of all the old friends from college that are here. One of my best friends Jonathan Eason is the assistant pastor/principal here, therefore we have definitely enjoyed the times of fellowship we are able to enjoy.

Keep praying for us as Jasmine is going through the "teething phase" therefore its been quite different than past months, also pray as we try to figure housing arrangements and which travel trailer we should purchase or not to purchase.