More Saved...

Thank the Lord for another great week earler we were talking of the blessings of the Lord concerning the Liberty Baptist Church Revival. Well the Lord blessed and there were 7 teens and adults saved this past week. God blessed with souls saved but also a real outpouring of His Holy  Spirit upon His church. Sin was made right and cold hearts began to warm to the things of the truth. God did a mighty working and it was great to sit back and watch.      

Well this week we had a cancellation at Antrim Faith Baptist Church in Waynesboro, PA. Unfortunately they had an unexpected  expensive repair bill that hindered them from the Camp Meeting this year. God is in control, and we are fine with it, therefore we are at home preparing for the next week in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Thank you for your continued prayers for a truck and trailer, we are still searching and seeking God's will in this very important matter.