God has done amazing things these past couple of days. Concerning the trailer, here is the story...

I was preaching at Tri State Bible Camp for their Winter Retreat. During one of the activities I was speaking to a Youth Pastor friend of mind from NJ during the course of conversation I brought up our desire for a trailer. Another youth Pastor from NY overheard the conversation and stated he had a truck and trailer he was trying to sell. Well I was listening to him describe the beautiful trailer and my thought throughout is "this is way out of out price range" "there is no way we could ever afford one like that" and so on..

Well after my mouth was watering with covetousness he told me the price and he made the watering mouth just drop!! It turned out the trailer was previously owned by another evangelist that sold it to the youth pastor from NY for a GREAT deal, then after the Lord directed this youth pastor to where he is now he selling it to us for GREAT GREAT deal. It turns out the trailer cost less than my car and the monthly payments are lower than that of my vehicle. GOD IS SO GOOD!! It pays to trust him!!

He has the truck as well and praying that God would help us raise $5,000 to buy the truck outright. He just wants that which is left owed on the truck. God is so goodl, using His people to help us along in the ministry He has called us to!