A Testimony of a Teen

A teen wrote this as their salvation testimony and it was given to me. Praise the Lord that He can use anybody!   Some areas of the notes have been removed for privacy purposes.


...For my junior year of high school I switched to __,a private school, every Friday we would have chapel and sometimes have visits from missionaries. Well one of the Friday's evangelist Adrien Burden came to visit our school that day while he preached I saw passion in his eyes I wanted that passion. He preached about things I never known before things I've done wrong and didn't know was wrong then he said, "Jesus loves you" words that I had surely heard before, but I didn't think anything of. But then I suddenly felt a connection , i felt happy yet sad at the same time I knew I had to find out more so as soon as he said,  "if you want to accept Jesus Christ as your savior raise your hand." my hand shot up and the rest was history..."