Dugspur Revival

Dugspur also know as "Drugspur" VA was the destination of our meeting this past week. We were granted such a blessing to be part of their services. The church under the leadership of Pastor Jon LaMontagne began preparing for the revival in advance. Many had already began to have spiritual victories in their lives before the services began. They had searched their hearts and sought to come closer to the Lord.

Therefore as the official services began it was a very easy group to preach to and God gave me liberty as I did so. It was a revival where some serious soul searching was done. Passages I had never preached from before I preached that week, passages that require a sober minded people ready to take the next spiritual step.

We enjoyed our time of fellowship with the members there and got know some new ones and also to rekindle relationships with old friends. Jasmine had a great time getting to know everybody as she walked up and down the aisles greeting everyone with a super loud, "HI HI" Thank you for your prayers for the meeting, God met with us and I believe God is going to do something great in Dugspur, VA.

Now we are back home, preparing for a trailer to come next week and also I am on the radio station this week for the Spring Share-A-Thon. You can tune into the radio station @ fbnradio.com                                           My shift times are   Wed. 7p-10p, Thurs. 3p-7p,  Fri. 7p-10p, Sat. 7p-10p