Missionary Prayer Letter Showing the Importance of TEEN Decisions

The Freemans of Asia,

 When I was a teenager I heard a sermon at a youth rally in Michigan on the importance of responding to every situation God puts in front of you. The speaker told us it could be a divine appointment. I resolved that day never to pass an auto accident without stopping or any situation that looked like a time when someone needed help. At times it has gotten me into trouble but I believe it is my duty and sometimes my spiritual need to stop and help. I would want someone else to stop if it were me or my family. One of those events came home to bless me last week.

Over 30 years ago when we were very young I was riding my motorcycle down to the market when I saw a little girl standing on the road crying (I found out later she was five years old) I stopped and picked her up, placing her on the gas tank of my cycle and got her to quit crying and tell me what was wrong. She told me she was lost and could not find her house because she had gotten off the bus at the wrong place. I start driving her up and down every street in the little lane and after about 20 minutes her mother saw us and came running out to get her. We talked and I gave her mother a tract an invitation to our church. They never came though we did visit them several times. 

Last week after performing a wedding we were approached by a couple with their 3 children. This young lady told me that she was that little girl. She pulled track out of her bag. Her mother had kept it to remember the event, and when she was older she read it and had been saved as a teenager. She had not been allowed to go to church for many years, but after her marriage to a Christian man she now could and did go with her kids. My recommendation to you this year, stop when no one else will you; you may be on a divine appointment.