Priceless Blessing

This past week we have been in Clio, MI at Trinity Baptist Church. I was preaching on Wednesday night to the teenagers there with brother, Aaron Burden, who is the Youth Pastor there. We had a great service with them but the big blessing came later in the week.

While I was in the area I was invited to preach at Reformer's Unanimous at Trinity in Flushing, MI. I attended the group sessions and the other talk seminars. While there I met a man who had been a crack/cocaine addict for around 30 years and he had recently had victory in those areas. He had a son who was heading the same direction and the man did not know what to do with his teenage son. He had kicked him out in the past then let him back in and then he was continuing to get into even more trouble. 

Nevertheless the son was given a deal to either go to Reformer's Unanimous that night or be kicked out of the house again. I had the priviledge to preach that night and wathed as the young man without hesitation went to speak with counselor concerning salvation. He got saved that night!! And the father came to me, obviously touched came spoke to me sharing his heart and thanking me for being used of God to speak to his teenage son's heart. 

What a memorable moment and blessing that I shall never forget!! God is so good!