Immanuel Baptist Church of Edenton NC

Well the month of April is marching on by so incredibly quickly as so many things are going on within the ministry. 

We were in Chattanooga, TN for Easter Sunday for a two day revival at Grace Baptist Tabernacle with Pastor John Geeter. The Lord blessed with visitors from other places and some great decisions as well. The Devil fought that meeting heavily as many that had made plans to be there were not, and as sickness went through our family for the third wave. We had to rush back to NC at 2:30am to get Jasmine to her pediatrician, and thankfully she is back on her nebulizer and antibiotics to help rid herself of this bronchiolitis again. Please continue to pray for her as she is not back to par as of yet!

Now we are in Edenton, NC with Pastor Randy Browder and the folks of Immanuel Baptist Church. Edenton has the small town feel with wonderfully warm hospitality spilling all over. We have enjoyed tremendously our stay, but more important than that, God has granted much liberty during the revival services. Do still pray as its not over yet and there are some who are on the verge of salvation still. Also were praying not just for meetings but for God to truly meet with us during these days. It was great to have Victory Baptist Church of Elizabeth City, NC with Pastor Eason and Pastor Moore bring their young people out to be part of the revival services as well. 

Well do still pray as I preach in chapel twice on Thursday and as I teach the public school class TRUTHSEEKERS as well on Friday. Pray as I plan on giving the gospel there too!