Services/Trailer Work

Well, Praise the Lord for another week to serve Him. On my last post I was speaking about teaching a public school class calld TRUTHSEEKERS. I'm happy to report that 5 young teens sought the truth during class and were saved!! It was such a blessing to part of the action. I was honored to have the opportunity to give the gospel in that kind of setting.

Well for the past week we were able to go home to our new trailer. We have been working tirelessly on things being done to the trailer. I have my new hobby for sure in trailer maintenance, but we are loving it. We do not have the truck though, the Lord closed the door on that matter. Initially we were very discouraged about it, but 3 days after we were to get it, the transmission blew out on it, so the Lord was definitley protecting us in those matters! 

Well, now we head for Wilson, NC to back to one of our favorite spots of Wilson Christian Acadmey for chapel services. But the beginning of the week will be filled with writing summer program materials and a number of other mental intensive chores.

We appreaciate your prayers, especially for little Jasmine who keeps getting sick on and off and having repeat visits to the doctor's office. God bless you all prayer and financial supporters!