JOY of JOYS: Leading a family member to Christ...

Busy and Exciting are the two words that can describe this past week.

1. Ordination went well, and thank the Lord I am an ordained preacher of the Gospel as of March 30.

2. We ARE MOVED INTO OUR NEW TRAILER!!! God has blessed us with a beautiful home and now we are so excited to get everything all settled in. Unfortunately we did not get the truck at this time, but we are praying that in God's timing that He will provide a truck for us.
If your a truck person and know of any good deals please relay them on to us. We are looking for a Dodge Ram 3500 Cummings Diesel with Dually Wheels.

3. The revival at Amazing Grace was such a blessing. The first day I had the opportunity to lead my cousin to the Lord and he was there every night after growing in Christ and reading the literature his pastor had given to him as well. That for sure was highlight of the week for me, although there were many other exciting times. The people were generous and friendly to my family making us feel right at home hence I preached like it. The messages were very direct and made us truly considering counting the cost of the Christian life. Many decisions were made and I believe God did a work. One man exclaimed to me after the service, "I'm just upset, that it's over!!"

We love what we do in evangelism but its even more thrilling when others appreciate the ministry that God has given to us!

Pray for us now as we head to Chattanooga, TN for a revival starting on Easter Sunday!