Beginning of Tri-State


Its been a busy busy month and there looks like there is no end in site, so we need your prayers for us to keep going on! Now we are at Tri-State Bible Camp, preaching 2x's and sometimes 3x's a day. Thankfully though 3 went back for salvation last night and one was saved earlier in the week. 

A unique part of camp is having the same teens each day and we have been delving into some unique teen topics such as suicide, entertainment, purity, etc.. and the Lord has been blessing the sessions.

Please be in prayer for the following:

1. Jasmine's Health- we have been to the ER with Jasmine and her breathing and trying to get her the correct medication and looks like we will coming home earlier than anticipated so she can see her own pediatrician.

2. Future Scheduling as well.

4. Pray for mom's continued recovery obviously we have been very concerned of the matter while on the road!