The long awaited time has come, God has opened the door to go to Honduras next week with Pastor Chris Birkholz and Team Honduras. In short we will be ministring in the 2 orphanages as well as the local churches in the area. In the ministry of evangelism it is my joy to not only proclaim the gospel here, but into the regions beyond. Be in Prayer for us March 5-14th!!

Some ask HOW CAN I HELP? 

1. Obviously, one can I pray, and I hope no one neglects that urgent matter!

2. I'm taking a free bag with me to take to the orphans, I'll be taking toothbrushes, hair ties, small toys, candy and whatever for the kids while there.

3. Finances always can be used, and every penny will go toward the missionaries and the orphanage work. Any donation given through the "PAYPAL" link under the "CONTACT US" section will be used for that express purpose!! Or message us, with what items you could send us to be used on this trip.

Thank you so much for taking time and interest into this matter!! God Bless!

Information of the Missionaries were going to be with...