Post Mission Trip and Revival

Well, I'm back in the good ol' USA and so thankful for the great land for which I call home. The Lord has burdened my heart for missions in an unexplainable way to which I'm thankful yet the responsibility is great. While in Honduras I worked with missionary named Ronnie Doss and the Central American Mission. I have got a website designed for them at the "CAM" link that describes the work and ministry of Bro. Doss. Please take time to visit and catch the vision of what's happening in Honduras.

Well, now we are in Vermont at Northside Baptist Church in St. Albans and loving being here at this mission minded and mission hearted church under the leadership of Pastor Patterson and Pastor Dan Frost. We are midway through and looking forward to the remainder of the week.

Before that we were at the Amazing Grace Baptist Church with Pastor John Burton who were so helpful in our mission trip and just simply being an encouragement to our family. The revival services there really centered around reaching out and training the next generation as well as missions missions and missions. God's presence was evident throughout the meeting. 

Keep on praying as we are in CT, VT, and NY area for the next week or so...