Mission Trip Needs

As we begin to prepare for our trip to Honduras there were some items the missionary requested of us last time we were there. For a missionary coming back to the states for a total of 2 months in the past 23 years, I was pretty inclined to do everything to fulfill their requests. This is a list of some of them and if you have these things or could get these things and send them to us before the end of the month that would be an enormous blessing to him and his wife especially.  If you a desire to be involved there is a "DONATE" button that can be used as well for monetary donations toward an item or items.   

Personal Items Requested: 

Bro. Doss- Peanut Butter, Oliver B Greene, Maze Jackson, and other old time Preaching CD's and Tapes. Music CD's of the Inspirations and Chuck Wagon's and similar genres

Mrs. Doss- She LOVES to read! Authors of T.Davis Bunn, Lori Wick, Jeanette Oake.  Because of her request I thought a Kindle would be very appropriate that was pre-loaded with many of her favorite titles 

Reading glasses, Reading light

photo (3).png

Again these are material items but also consider a card with just a note of encouragement. What a blessing it would be to a missionary or missionary wife to get a card just encouraging him or her in the Lord!

The address for any item can be sent to: 

Adrian Burden 901 West Queen Street Edenton, NC 27932