Blessings of the Year 2014

The Christmas Holidays are already upon us, and it doesn't seem like that long ago I was posting of what I was hoping the Lord would do.  What a blessing to look back on this year and give glory to God what he has done! 

Tangible Blessings of the Year

The biggest tangible blessing of the year no doubt is our Miracle Truck. God has been so good in providing it for us and there are many many days that my wife and I just look at each other then look at the truck and just shake our heads. God gave it to us through an individual who chooses to remain anonymous, and we are just so thankful for them. 

Also we are so thankful for so many anonymous gifts this year alone. These gifts make up a percentage of our yearly income, we are just overwhelmed and blessed. You know you are, and the Lord does to!! 

Intangible Blessing of the Year

If anyone had ever asked us on the road, "Brother, is there anything we can pray with you and your family about??" Undoubtedly our response would be the same, we would love to have another child. We have earnestly sought the Lord about this and our response has been "in His timing" Earlier this year, we found that we were expecting, to later find out that my wife had miscarried. But we praise the Lord for His grace and timing because my wife is doing well and we are expecting another on June 15th 2015. 

Spiritual Blessing of the Year 

To see dozens come the Lord in salvation in revival services, camps, VBS's and various avenues. This year I do not have record of how many salvation decisions were made but we rejoice anyhow. We know at one point someone was getting saved approximately 1 every 3 days but not sure what the final exact total was. God knows and thats all that matters.

Favorite Memory of the Year

Has to come from my Facebook Post on June 13th which reads...

the "amazingness" continues...blessed to have a father and mother in tears and come and let me know that their son had just got saved last night!! ‪#‎AMEN‬ along with 2 other teens that we're saved that day!! Also to see teenagers at an altar last night audibly weeping over the souls of lost family and friends!! ‪#‎HALLELUJAH‬ ‪#‎CampCoBeAc‬

Favorite Jasmine Statement of the Year

After singing "Give Me That Old Time Religion" at the Fannin Road Camp Meeting, Jasmine has been singing it this way (over and over)

"Give me that OLD TIME AND AGING" (3x's)
"It was good for my Father" (3x's) 
and it's good enough for me!!

Thanks Pastor Jim Lester!!

Favorite Picture of the Year

Credits go to Mrs. Sherry DeFord for capturing one of our Favorite Pictures of our family.





God has been so good to our family and we give Him glory. 2105 holds a lot of surprises for the Burden family and all I can say is stay tuned and pray for us!!