Praise the Lord Back in NC

About a week before Thanksgiving time, we were finishing one of our final meetings. We were heading with our truck and trailer toward our NC home. I hit a very large pothole that broke our leaf spring on our trailer (among other things) Due to some scheduling issues, the trailer stayed on the side of the road for about a day and a half. The 1st repair was then made, but unfortunately the entire axle would need to be replaced, which we found out about 100 miles down the road from leaving the repair shop about a week later.  The axle would have to be custom made therefore we left our trailer for about a month there in MD for it to be repaired. 

Praise the Lord about two days ago, we got back to NC with our truck and trailer. The Lord has provided through the insurance company to take care of the repairs and we are so thrilled to see our God move mountains for us once again! Thank you for many who prayed and were very concerned for us, God bless you!