Honduras Trip Recap Feb 2015

Praise the Lord for another safe and profitable trip to Honduras this year. This past trip makes my fourth trip out to Central America and it was such a blessing. While there I had the opportunity to preach a week long revival there at the main church in La Esperanza. The minimum attendance was in around 150 each night. There was a sweet spirit present especially on the Friday night of the revival. I rejoice over the young man who was saved on Wednesday night. 

During that week, I also preached a youth rally every afternoon for the kids/teens, but if I wasn't busy enough already I also had the opportunity to preach on 2 TV stations multiple times throughout my visit. This trip did not lack the opportunities I had to preach!  I had the opportunity to distribute Bibles in the town of Santa Rosa. What a privilege to hand out Bibles in the marketplace, in the hospitals, at bus stops, and even on the city bus as well. And while sharing the Gospel in a grocery store, the owner (after a month of being witnessed to) was saved during the visit!

God has strengthened my faith concerning the daunting task of learning a new language. For one of the first times ever, I was able to have a "deeper" conversation with one of the Honduran pastors. I was able to go beyond the "Hi and How are you" stage and actually learn about his life and family. That was very encouraging. I have in no way arrived, but that was certainly an encouragement.

Continue to pray for the ministry there that God's hand would still rest upon it. Also pray for us, we have alerted churches of our desire of international missions and we praise the Lord for the missions conferences we have been invited to thus far, to present our burden. What a blessing and privilege to be in HIS work!!