Why my daughter's name is so Significant?

How good the Lord has been! From a couple who was strongly encouraged to adopt for medical infertility reasons to having 2 kids, we certainly Praise the Lord for His goodness toward us!

Mrs. Audrey Gatling's name still lives on

Mrs. Audrey Gatling's name still lives on

I want to hi-light how Janae Audrey got her name. 
I preached my first conference at 16 years old, by that time I had been trained and discipled by my Sunday School Teacher, Bro. Milton Gatling. In that class, I learned how to be a passionate yet compassionate preacher. Through the years of preaching all throughout the country and world, it has always been an encouragement to "check in" once in a while with him to let him know how things are progressing. God used him to be such an encouragement in 2 specific areas. I can almost hear him say, "be a man of integrity, be a man of character" He not only taught me that but also lived it as a godly example. Him and his wife's relationship is what I desire for my wife and I as we continue to serve the Lord! 

My wife's perspective: I have to add that Adrian and I knew the Gatlings separately. When I was single and living in Virginia, the Gatlings took me under wing. I often sat with them at church, and Mrs. Gatling would partner with me on visitation when she could have gone with her husband. She was a loving example of Christian womanhood. I will always be grateful for the Gatlings taking interest in me during that time in my life.

A couple of years ago Bro. Gatling's wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Though we fervently prayed for her healing, God saw it best to take her home to heaven. This event so broke our hearts, as this woman of God who had been such a help to me, went on to heaven. 

My wife and I desired that at least her earthly name should live on, the Gatlings have been such a blessing to us therefore our 2nd daughter's name is Janae AUDREY Burden after Mrs. Audrey Gatling!