Burden Ministries FAQ

Another page has turned, 2015 is behind the and the new 2016 page has begun. Around 3 years ago God gave us the opportunity to travel internationally preaching the Gospel. It started with mission trips, then moved to campaigns to help missions, then moved to raising partial personal support and now we praise the Lord that we are 54% toward getting ready to head overseas for language school. Lord willing after we have more of a grasp of the language it is our prayer to “do the work of an evangelist” overseas for approximately 25% of our calendar year. 


As I travel, I have talked with many who still are unclear of what exactly “Adrian’s missions thing” consist of. I have made a video at my website that defines what the Lord has laid out for us, but here is a quick FAQ that I hope clears some things up.

What are you planning to do?

Evangelistic Campaigns & Church Plant assists in Spanish Speaking Countries

Where do you plan on serving?

Spanish speaking countries where the Lord opens the door. Currently the door open is Honduras

How long will you be overseas?

At this time around 3 months out of our calendar year. this is only an estimate since we cannot predict with definite clarity 

Will you still preach in the states?

Yes, we still live off of our love offerings as an evangelist, but the support takes care of our needs while overseas. We still maintain a schedule especially during the summer months.

Is your support like a missionary support?

Yes, it is the same. Our support level would be considerably lower since it is only for 3 months out of the year. Hence, with approximately 7 supporters we can be at around 50% support

Where are you going to language school?

There are 3 out of country places we are considering, whether it be Peru, Costa Rica, or Honduras