March 2016 Prayer Letter

Doing the work of an evangelist continues to move forward with the Burden family. Proclaiming the gospel through Church Evangelistic Outreaches, Family Conferences and Revivals so far this year. We were blessed to have a family “staycation” this past January. We were able to stay at home for a while and recuperate physically and be refreshed spiritually from a very eventful summer and fall schedule. 


During the month of January we were able to pray much about our international ministry plans. Many questions have come about during this international evangelism transition. Questions such as, Adrian, are you still scheduling meetings in the US? Are you a Missionary?  What is Adrian’s Honduras thing?  etc…


Please see clearly in this simple letter, that God has called me to be an evangelist. A proclaimer of the gospel and a gift to the local church. My desire is not only to be this in the United States but now to further our reach into Spanish speaking places. I am an evangelist, I still preach for revival in the United States. My prayer is just to be a bilingual evangelist, thereby allowing me to spend approximately a quarter of our year overseas. 


We praise the Lord for the churches who have begun supporting the overseas portion of our ministry. Currently we are at around 60% support and are thrilled to hear of those who see the need, catch the vision and help us accomplish what God has called us to do. Between our regularly scheduled meetings, we have presented in Missions Conferences and other services and are blessed by the response of many folks.


Our next step is language school and currently we are trying to make plans to attend during the beginning of 2017. All of this is by faith, and we ask that you pray with us about it. Since many questions do arise about this, I would love to direct you to our website (located below).  I was interviewed by the Ministry Connection Podcast about International Evangelism. The interview covers many topics but one in particular explains in depth what our vision is. I encourage you to listen and understand what our heartbeat is.