August Update


What a power packed summer! God’s hand was very evident during the summer ministry months, we were reminded to never underestimate what God can do in a VBS! So many young people were saved this summer through not only that venue but also camps and other special youth rallies. God blessed with around 60 saved over this past summer and many strong decisions of surrender were made as well. Thank you to so many who daily pray for God to use us. 

On a personal note, this was a challenging summer as it pertains to my personal dental health. Though social media many might be aware that I had my wisdom teeth out during the middle of the summer. (not a wise plan) During the process of time, I not only got a dry socket but also my lingual nerve was damaged causing my tongue to go numb, as it still is to this day. I was going to see a specialist concerning the numbness but from much prayer I’m beginning to get feeling back in my tongue. At first it affected my speech, but praise the Lord, my speech is not effected anymore. God blessed that I did not miss one preaching engagement during the summer because of it.


Language School is only 5 months away. As as reminder, our goal was $12,000 dollars to have in the bank whereby we could be able to take care of our expenses during the time we would be attending language school. We stand in the neighborhood of $7,000 with more promised beyond that. We are thrilled at what God is doing through His people, in making Spanish Language school very much a reality.

This fall we begin preaching many Missions Conferences, Special Meetings, and other Youth Meetings. Please pray specifically for the rest of our support and that we would be effective in the places we minister over the next couple of months .Thanks to all who pray and support and Lord willing you will continue to see your investment turn into eternal fruit.