January/February 2017

We are here!! The Lord has blessed and we are in deep south Texas for language school at Rio Grande Bible Institute.  Our new home for the next five month is around 20 milesaway from the Mexican border and we are immersed within an area of Spanish speakers.

Many have prayed and supported and we wanted to personally thank all of you for doing so. The goal of 12k was exceeded. The trip down here had many obstacles and plan changes, but the Lord provided all that was needed for 1600 mile trip. The kids traveled very well for the many miles on the road and the Lord’s hand has been on our truck to make it without a hint of a problem. 

Jasmine is absolutely loving the local Christian school which she is enrolled in, and Janae is in the language school day care where she is even learning some Spanish. 

We are getting involved within two local churches in the area. We have 3 services in a given a week which are COMPLETELY in Spanish, but for the sake of our family being fed spiritually we also attend an English speaking church. We thank the Lord for some good churches in the Mcallen, TX area that we are able to have this flexibility. 

Language School is underway and it is definitely starting at an accelerated pace. Since my wife and I are both in the program, it makes for busy days juggling picking up Jasmine from school, tutoring schedules, homework, house work etc. Please pray for us during this adjustment. It sounds silly but we are very much ‘night people’ and making sure the kids are in bed by 8 and off to school and day care before its even light out is a new world for us among other things. 

Specific requests: 

1. Wisdom to learn this language

    2. We will soon have to make a decision about getting a trailer

    3.The kids adjustments: making friend and adapting to a new type of schedule