December Update

 Merry Christmas to so many friends across the nation. God bless each of you, and we do truly hope and pray that you have a blessed Christmas. 🎄

In our last letter we sent out a definite plea for God’s people to pray and consider of what they could do to help us with a very specific need of housing while in Managua. We understood not every church and individual could help, but we prayed the ones God spoke directly to would get involved, and praise the Lord, He provided through His people. Well before November 27th, I was able to message our contact in Nicaragua to tell him that he can expect our family from Jan-Mar of next year. What a blessing!! 

 Faith is the currency God responds to, and when by faith we act upon what He asks us to do, it's wonderful to have a front row seat of God showing Himself as Jehovah-Jireh. We know you all pray and give for God’s glory, but we do not take for granted that your giving is benefiting our family directly. 


While overseas our family lives off the monthly support that is given by churches. Recently we just received news that Savannah River Baptist Church of Savannah, GA has taken us on for support bringing our monthly support up to around 60% Our family still goes overseas no matter the level of our monthly support, but monthly support enables longer stays during our international travel. During the spring and fall, we would love to present at your church our heart for international evangelism as a missionary arm of your church. 


During the holiday season, I had some time to prayerfully reflect on the mission and goal of Burden Ministries. I wanted it to be clearly stated for all of those who want to know the heart and focus of the ministry. In our current day, people typically identify me as an evangelist or missionary evangelist. Labels do not bother me in the least, but I do deem it necessary to be clear about what our overall aim is. It can be summarized as follows:


 Burden ministries exists to glorify God though the clear, passionate, worldwide proclamation of the gospel for the purpose of evangelizing the lost, edifying the saints and equipping the body of Christ.

Thats our heart in a nutshell. Whether we are stateside or overseas this is our focus and drive. Please pray that we will passionately obey our Savior in season and out of season.  

       Please enjoy the new prayer card, and if you need more for your church just send me an email.