Top 10 Things I have Learned in 10 Years of Evangelism

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 #10- Love and Curiosity are 2 of the greatest enemies of prejudice.

Unfortunately in 10 years I have found much prejudice behind the doors of churches and pulpits. Some churches have a cloud of racism so thick that it can be cut with a knife however Love and Curiosity have broken down many walls. I met a woman whose son had been murdered by a black man. In a town with few black people, one could understand her apprehension to interact with me. Through loving one another and curiosity (to see and understand how did she get to that place) made all the difference in both our perspectives. 

#9- The Devil is the Master of making us care about things that don’t matter

We criticize teens playing hours of video games then I watch adults, waste hours on their phone. Kicking aside their kids aside they run out every Saturday to a boat, then look at me when there teens are summer camp and say to me "straighten my kid out" We have had the opportunity we just have not seized it because we do not see it as important!                 

#8- People are different but actually they are the same

We all dream, we all have ambition, passion and desire. We may live in different parts of the world but really at the end of the day, we all are sinners needing Christ. Some are "good looking" sinners, some are rich sinners, but sinners nevertheless!

#7- Give your wife her own spending money!

Pretty self explanatory and seriously important. Find your wife's love language and SPEAK IT  LOUD AND CONSTANTLY! 

#6- Contentment ends when Comparison begins

Every preacher wants to be influential/popular! However we can become discontented with our race God has called us to, by comparing our race to someone else's race. I love Craig Groschel as he said the 'fastest way to ruin something special is to compare it' Love what God has called us to do and do it! 

#5- My closest friend are the ones who love the God they serve, not just loving serving.

I have friends who LOVE to preach, though thats not bad, they are not my closet friends. My closest friends are the ones that love the One they are preaching about MORE! 

#4- If at first you don't succeed, find out why

Evaluate, evaluate, every year I ask God, what do I need to improve? where do I need to change? We are always growing therefore we are always going to be changing.

#3- At the end of the day, I am a DAD and Husband

Sometimes meetings do not go well. Sometimes I become very ambitious after a great meeting of how to capitalize on this etc. But I must remember that at the end of the day, I have a calling to my family, to be the Spirit filled leader they need. 

#2- The Gospel is EVERYTHING

We can get creative and fancy but at the end of the day, the GOSPEL is what is going to change lives!! The GOSPEL's Power must be shared and lived through His people!! 

#1- Genuinely walking with God passionately is my Primary Objective

It's hard to sum up my primary objective, but this is it. My focus is walk in the Spirit every single day! When it comes to more sermon prep or walk with God, WALK WITH GOD wins, when my walk with God is challenged by ANYTHING, everything else must come second. If I walk with God i'll be the Husband, Father, & Evangelist, God has called me to be.