Official Church Change


For years our family has fervently prayed for the relocation of our home church. I privately spoke with  pastors and other mentors about the large decision. We desired to be around a higher Latino population as well as a major airport to expedite our travel and provide opportunity to be home more.  

After much prayer and deliberation we are thrilled to announce that we have joined Beacon Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC under the leadership of Pastor Tim Rabon. 

Being in evangelism for 10 years, our family can easily spot “obligatory kindness”  Pastor and Mrs. Rabon have shown such genuine love and concern for our family that it truly seems our relationship has been much longer than the 6 months we have been discussing this decision.  We are thrilled to also interact with Iglesia Bautista El Faro which meets in the same facility as Beacon Baptist Church. 

Please continue to pray for the ministry of International Evangelism. Our mission is still the same, we have just changed the church we are working under. We look forward to MANY MANY years of fruitful ministry together.